1. Photos for the mosaic
  2. File requirements
  3. Uploading the photos
  4. Ordering
  5. Pricing & Payment
  6. Instant Download
  7. Privacy

1. Photos for the mosaic

How many photos do I need to create a mosaic?

You need one main image and at least 50 individual photos.
The more photos you have, the more detailed your mosaic will be.

Depending on the size you choose, there will be between 400 and 10,000 small mosaic pictures in the background. For the background you can upload up to 1,000 individual pictures. Using those we will put together your mosaic.

Which photo should I use as the main image?

Simple pictures are the best for the main image.
Through the many small individual photos in the background there is already a lot of detail and movement in the picture. Simple portraits, landscapes, a building, an object, or a logo are perfect for the main image.

Which photos should I use for the individual photos?

There are no rules for the individual photo motifs.
You should have at least 50 photos. To save some time, it is enough to give us the pictures in a small size of 500 x 500 pixels. That way you can significantly speed up upload time.

Just upload all of the images which you would like to be a part of your mosaic. There are customers who upload photos from their childhood, or pictures of their favorite cartoons or superheroes. City and metro maps have also been used in collages. Just be creative, you will love the result.

Will all of the uploaded pictures be used in the mosaic?

Yes. We try to use all of the photos that you upload.
In the case of damaged photo files or formats which do not fit into the mosaic patters, we have to make an exception. However, you always have the option to check if all of your favorite photos have been used before ordering.

How detailed will the small photos be?

You will be able to see every picture.
The individual photos will have a width of at least 1 inch - depending on the size you've chosen. That way it is possible to see every picture on the mosaic. Very small details are not visible.

Can a logo be turned into a mosaic?

Logos can be used in the main image or for the small photo tiles. The logo just has to be uploaded as a JPG/JPEG file. Many companies, universities and sport clubs have their logo turned into a photo mosaic.

2. File Requirements

Which file format should my photos be saved as?

We can only use photos in JPG/JPEG format.
When saving the JPG/JPEG files - especially for the individual photos - a medium quality is plenty.

What resolution do the photos need to have?

The resolution for the main image should be at least 2 MP (megapixels).
The individual photos however do not need to be large files. Even just a size of 500 pixels is plenty.

Can I also upload photos from my phone?

Yes, you can use phone pictures.
Photos starting at a 2 megapixel resolution are already suitable for the main image of a mosaic. For the small photos, a resolution of 500 x 500 pixels or a size of 100 KB (kilobytes) is already enough.

Can I use scanned photos?

Yes, scanned photos can also be used in your mosaic.
They should be in JPEG format. Make sure that the resolution is high enough in order to see the details in your final mosaic.

3. Uploading Photos

How do I upload the photos?

You can upload your photos directly through our online editor.
You can select the main image and transfer the individual photos in 2 easy steps.

How long does it take to upload the photos?

Uploading your images can take between 2 and 30 minutes.
Uploading time depends on 3 factors:

  • The quantity of photos
  • The size of the photos
  • Your internet connection

Since the individual photos are only needed in a small size, they can be uploaded very quickly. It is just important that the upload is not interrupted.

How do I upload many photos at once?

Since the individual photos do not need to be big, you can upload them easily and quickly over the online interface.
Since photos with a size of 100 KB are already big enough for the small mosaic tiles, the upload goes much faster than you would expect. If you upload 100 photos that are each 100 KB, you are sending us a total data volume of 10 MB. That is about the same as 3 MP3 songs. With a standard internet connection it should take about a minute.

The upload did not work. What do I do?

The simplest method: delete cookies, restart your browser, and start the upload from the beginning.
If that does not work, there are 2 other options:

  1. Try uploading the photos using a different browser. It is possible that your browser is not up to date. Updating it could also help.
  2. Send us your files using a cloud service. Transfer the files at www.dropbox.com or www.we-transfer.com.

4. Ordering

How do I order a photo mosaic?

Ordering a photo mosaic is very easy. There are 4 steps:

  1. Choose which pictures should make up your mosaic.
  2. We instantly create your individual mosaic.
  3. After that choose the quality for your mosaic file and place your order.
  4. After payment you can download your mosaic file.

How are photo mosaics created?

The photo mosaic will be created by our online mosaic tool.
The software that we developed organizes your photos into a mosaic based on a complex algorithm.

What is the turnaround time?

Depending on the number of photos you've choosen turnaround time can take up to 5 minutes.

5. Pricing & Payment

How much will my photo mosaic be?

Creating a photo mosaic is always free.
The prize for your mosaic file depends on the quality you choose during checkout. Here you can find our current prices.

How can I pay for my mosaic?

We offer the following payment options:
PayPal & Credit Card

6. Instant Download

How can I download my mosaic?

You can download the file instantly after checkout.

Will I get a seperate mail with the download link?

Of course!
After checkout we will send you a mail with your individual download link.

For how long can I download the mosaic file?

You can download the file within 5 days.

Can I print the mosaic at home?

Yes you can.
But we'd rather recommend to have your mosaic printed at a local print shop. As photo mosaics show their magic when being printed in large sizes it might be better to go to a local or online print shop.

7. Privacy

What happens to my files after the order is complete?

Your uploaded photos will be deleted directly after the creation of your mosaic.
Since we do not need the files after the mosaic has been created, they are continuously deleted. The mosaic is saved at the most for a week.

Choose your main image now

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Minimum requirements: 1500 x 1500 pixels (about 2 megapixels) or a file size of over 1 megabyte (MB).
(During the upload we will check if your photo is suitable for the main image)

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