How to make a photo mosaic

Our step by step guide shows you how to easily create a photo mosaic.

5 easy steps for creating the perfect Photo Mosaic

1. Upload your main image

Click on „Create your photo mosaic“ in the main menu and choose the main image as the first step. This photo will be seen in a large size on your mosaic.

Main Image Tips

2. Upload the individual photos

Now you can upload the individual photos which will be seen as small pictures in the background. You should upload at least 30 individual pictures.

Individual Photo Tips

3. Customize your mosaic with the editor

Now you can edit the level of transparency of your main image and change the pictures and your mosaics size.

How to order your photo mosaic

4. Choice of the resolution

Choose the resolution for your mosaic. You can choose between Size Low, Medium and High.

5. Done

Now you are able to download your mosaic. You will also receive a confirmation by email.

Choose your main image now

Simply click or
drag the image here

Minimum requirements: 1500 x 1500 pixels (about 2 megapixels) or a file size of over 1 megabyte (MB).
(During the upload we will check if your photo is suitable for the main image)

Your images are being uploaded. Just a moment ...